Criticism of non-Western migrants is not prejudice, believing they create a better West is

An individual sent me a video over social media that claims the book The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints) is “racist.” He probably never heard about the book until media reported Steve Bannon, one of President Trump’s advisers, is a fan of it. It is a 1973 French novel that foretells a mass immigration from Africa to Europe. Europe becomes overwhelmed when less capable people from the third world converge on it. As you may have noticed, the book started coming true over the last few years…

It has to be a new phenomenon that has arisen in the last 15 years that many non-Westerners believe they can go anywhere they wish in the Western world without being welcomed. And if they are to be rejected by their prospective hosts it is because their hosts harbor prejudices against them.

We would be very smart to hold critical and judgmental attitudes towards these people.

If Africans cannot turn the great continent of Africa into something they wish to live in, then they will be nothing more than a burden onto the people whose lands they wish to inhabit. These people can move in any direction but they choose to move towards the social welfare states of Europe. There is no “off” position on this immigration tap. And these people don’t move to Europe to become Europeans. They want European wealth and Western standards of living while having Europeans be replaced with people who look and speak like them. They want this as much as Europeans, on a whole, want to remain European. This creates a conflict of interest between peoples.

I think a lot of people are noticing now that there are people in our countries, people who came late in the last century from non-Western backgrounds, who have interests that do not align with those of the rooted people who inherited the nations their ancestors built. The newcomers are still a minority, but in the way some of them speak and conduct themselves through special interest organizations and in advocacy, it is as if they expect to be the majority soon or at least have strong representation through numbers. Immigration reform could stop that from happening. This is why there is so much hostility towards the Trump admin. These people know President Trump is trying to tip the scales back in favor to the people who are descendants of the founders of the US. Immigration from the third-world has only increased over the years. The social and political resistance by people towards the Trump admin for trying to restrict it now is colossal.

We are fortunate in Canada (my home country) that we have relatively high-standards for foreign citizens to meet before they become citizens. (There are exceptions where these standards are lowered, however.) Our immigration standards should never change in such a way that they become less-beneficial to the founding stock of the country. Let us be realistic, with the exception of some Asian countries, the non-Western world does not produce the most integratable or capable people. If it did, Europe would not be having its territory invaded by millions of Africans and mid-easterners looking to live there. These places they flee, in truth, would be better run by us. But we are not empire builders anymore. And we, the Western world, cannot sustain billions of people from failed states.

These people must figure their own shit out.

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