Milo Yiannopoulos’ flamboyant chickens come home to roost

The flamboyant political personality, Breitbart editor and self-proclaimed “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos has hit some rough waters after Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) dis-invited him from participating in an upcoming event where President Trump is expected to speak. Comments Milo (henceforth I will refer to him as only Milo because I cannot be bothered to copy and paste his ridiculously long Greek last name over and over) made in regards to pedophilia and his defense of a priest who molested him as a boy have re-surfaced and, understandably so, scared off organizers of CPAC.

Simon & Schuster have also cancelled their release of Milo’s upcoming book over his pedo comments.

The real surprise is this only became a controversy now. Milo admitted during a Joe Rogan podcast in 2015 that he attended parties where young-looking males, possibly boys, were being abused by Hollywood elites. It is not known if Milo reported that abuse to police.

Interestingly, leftist shitrag Salon has deleted its own articles authored by self-confessed pedo Todd Nickerson. Salon has apparently finally realized allowing one of its own authors to normalize pedophilia on their news platform is a risky move in today’s politically weaponized media environment.

Over the last several years leftest media outlets have unabashedly pushed the frontiers of what they consider to be socially acceptable. Salon apparently felt at one time, anyway, pedos should have some form of positive representation in the public record. Perhaps if one searches hard enough there is a tiny moral argument for doing so but honestly, if we are trying to normalize pedos and turn them into victims, we, as a society, have gone full-retard. There is a moral case, perhaps, that pedos cannot control how they feel towards children and therefore suffer from some sort of disability. There is no moral defense when they act on those feelings, however. Pedophilia should always be struck down with the greatest of force and never be offered normality in any form. It deserves to be normalized like torture deserves to be normalized. Salon has shown questionable judgement at best in giving Nickerson an outlet to spew his pro-pedo horseshit. Nickerson should have kept his pedo predilections to himself and Salon should be held to the same standards they will undoubtedly subject Milo to in their own coverage of the scandal.

I think Salon’s removal of Nickerson’s articles demonstrate a few things: they realize people are becoming more socially conservative (praise Kek!) and there is a shitstorm brewing towards liberal tenancies to normalize extreme degeneracy. Salon also desires free rein to witch hunt Milo over his comments for political reasons so they need to scrub their site of any evidence of their own pro-pedo maleficence.

Milo should certainly be criticized for what he claims to have witnessed at debaucherous Hollywood parties if crimes against children were being perpetrated and he did not report those crimes to police.

Unsurprisingly the disavowals against Milo are clogging social media, albeit a little late.

Over recent months many news outlets have called Milo a “leader of the Alt-Right” despite many prominent people in the movement rejecting Milo’s association, citing Milo’s own rejection of certain tenets of the political movement.

It will be interesting to see how leftist media outlets like Salon and left-leaning Hollywood celebrity-types will react to the story with their own history of tolerating pedophilia and looking in the other direction when one of their own is embroiled in scandal as these tweeters point out:

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