DAILY REPORT — Edgy anarchists, refugees on holiday, and Cobra fights terrorism

Just hours ago the 20th of January, 2017 came to an end. It was the day Donald J. Trump officially became president of the United States of America. With the sealing of Trump’s ascension to the most respected office in the land came the crazies who were out in full-force around Washington looking to piss on the parades of Trump supporters and other Americans just there for the show. People pretested Trump’s presidency, some of them with their faces concealed by smashing property, igniting things on fire, and sucker punching people. I watched the shit show unfold on social media as I am sure many of you did. I will refrain from posting much about the inauguration here, though. Video and testimony of the anti-Trump madness in Washington is not hard to find.

WEW LADS! Go easy on those trash cans!

MEAN GIRL — A 16-year-old Muslim schoolgirl identified as Safia S. has been convicted for supporting a foreign terrorist organisation and omitting attempted murder for slashing the throat of a female cop in Hanover, Germany in February 2016. When arrested Safia S. was said to be “ice cold” in her demeanor and seemed only concerned with her headscarf not being wrinkled. She is the daughter of two Moroccan parents.

REFUGEES ON HOLIDAY — A German Federal Employment Office spokesman said there have been cases of migrants leaving Germany to re-visit the countries they fled for a “short time.” Switzerland has confirmed similar cases where migrants have fled war embroiled countries only to return to them for a period of time. This begs the question: Why are “refugees” going back to danger zones for any period of time then returning to Europe?

Sip a margarita, watch RPG rockets fly by.

MILO EVENT SHOOTING— An adult male has been shot in the abdomen outside a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington. The man has been taken to hospital with a possible life-threatening injury.

Inauguration protesters outside the Milo event have been particularly violent. Earlier a high school-aged boy was assaulted and had paint thrown at him.

POLICE CENSORSHIP — Australian journalist Andrea Hamblin says she was asked by police to take down a video (presumably from Twitter) of a witness claiming the man who perpetrated an attack on pedestrians with his car in Melbourne, Australia yesterday had yelled “Allah ackbar!” during the attack.

Police say the attack was not motivated by terrorism. Four people were killed including a 10-year-old girl. 15 people were injured.

NABBED BY COBRA — Austria’s bad-ass sounding Cobra anti-terror unit apprehended a member of ISIS Friday shortly after he entered the country. The man was allegedly planning to launch a terror attack in the capital city of Vienna sometime in the second half of January.

SHARIA SCHOOLWORK — Parents in Southern Indiana have raised concerns over a school worksheet passed to their children that depicts Sharia Law in a positive light while forgoing to mention some of Sharia’s more controversial aspects like its role in human right’s abuses and the mistreatment of women in the Islamic world.

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