DAILY REPORT — Soros and MasterCard’s unholy union, Europe’s sunset, and Iceland’s declining IQ

PRICELESS — On Thursday Billionaire George Soros and MasterCard announced Humanity Ventures, their partnership aimed at investing money to solve social issues faced by migrants and refugees worldwide.

Humanity Ventures intends to focus initially on healthcare and education, with a goal of fostering local economic development and entrepreneurship.

According to Soros, “Humanity Ventures is intended to be profitable so as to stimulate involvement from other business people.”

Last week I wrote Hungary was getting ready to make it more difficult for Soros to meddle in their affairs by pushing Soros-associated NGOs out of the country.

ALT-RIGHT CLICK — CBS has a story about AltRight.com, the recently launched web site headed by Richard Spencer and other figures associated with the alt-right political movement.

The alt-right movement has gained considerable ground over recent years as Black Lives Matters, reckless immigration, and other mainly left-wing shenanigans have further upset the some-would-say already tenuous social balance within Western democracies.  Of course, the Bush US presidency and its haphazard War on Terror certainly didn’t help, either.

MARRIED WITH CHILDREN — Danish parliament has approved a bill to prevent people under 18 from getting married. The bill is believed to be a response to migrants from Islamic countries arriving to Denmark with child brides.

HATE CRIME — A 14-year-old Muslim girl in Vienna, Austria claimed she was attacked along a train track by several women who called her a “terrorist.” Police reviewed CCTV footage taken of the area from around the time the attack allegedly took place but found no evidence to back the girl’s allegations. Police say footage shows the alleged victim boarding a train with her friend.

INTELLIGENCE STUDY — A research firm study indicates that Icelanders who are more educated have fewer children. Since educated Icelanders are having fewer children, the genes that make people more inclined to become educated are being passed down less frequently to successive generations. This could cause the population to drop its average IQ over time.

FADING EUROPE — European birth rates are declining, Africa’s are on the rise.

if European fertility rates remain at current low levels, half the European countries would lose at least 95 per cent of their population by 2300.

If this trend continues Europeans will be replaced by non-Europeans who will, in turn, inevitably replace European culture with their own:

Although immigration buoys up population numbers, providing a convenient supply of workers to maintain the economies of developed countries, immigration cannot prop up the indigenous cultures in the host countries.

Read the whole article here.

One has to wonder why Europe works so hard to import new citizens from failed states that cannot support their own populations as the continent sees its own indigenous population dwindle. It is almost as if the governments of Europe have their priorities wrong and are not working in the best interests of Europeans, the very people who built and sustain European civilization.

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