Syrian boys molest girl at Canadian school dance, authorities and school downplay the incident

Rebel Media just released a report about a sexual assault that occurred at a school dance at Fredericton High School in New Brunswick, Canada. The incident involved two refugee Syrian boys and a 14-year-old girl. The boys allegedly began grinding themselves against the girl on the dance floor, with one boy groping the girl’s breasts then reaching down the front of her underwear and touching her private parts.

The girl’s mother contacted Rebel Media with her story after dealing with the school and authorities on the matter. The mother says she believes the Syrian boy who touched her daughter is getting special treatment because of his status as a refugee in Canada. She says there have been other complaints from other girls about the conduct of refugee Syrian boys at school dances.

When the girl’s mother contacted the school’s principal about the matter she says the principal wanted to meet on a later date to discuss the issue but the mother insisted they meet that day. The mother felt like the principal did not want to engage the issue. During their meeting the mother was told that there were cultural differences between Syrians and Westerners, and that the clothing of Western girls can create sexual tension.

The mother wanted to have charges pressed against the Syrian boy who reached into her daughter’s underwear. However, after the woman’s daughter gave her video statement to police the mother said police reminded her daughter that the Syrian boy would have a criminal record if charges were pressed. The mother felt like police were trying to make her daughter reconsider. The mother felt as if the interests of the Syrian boy were being put before those of her daughter who the Syrian boy victimized.

The Rebel has verified the woman’s story with e-mails they received from the school via an Access to Information Request.

The Syrian boy was suspended for a week. However, the boy’s suspension has not healed the mental wounds inflicted onto his victim. The girl is now seeing a mental health professional to help her cope with the trauma caused by the boy’s assault.

This is not the first time Rebel Media has reported on the difficulties Canadian schools have encountered with some of their young Syrian refugees. The Rebel has done a series of reports on those difficulties here.

In April of last year a Nova Scotia newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, published an article about an incident where two Syrian boys allegedly choked a 3rd grader with her chain necklace while yelling “Muslims rule the world!” The paper received a backlash from the internet for the piece and they took it down, replacing it with a pathetic half-apology and half-defense of the article.

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