MERKEL, MIGRANTS AND LIES — “Silverboy” Thorsten Schulte exposes Merkel’s mishandling of the migrant crisis

This is an English sub-titled version of Thorsten Schulte’s recently-released German video. Thanks to Vlad Tepes for translating and uploading it.

Thorsten Schulte is a capital market and economics expert. He was a member of the Christian Democratic Union (Merkel’s political party) but parted with the party after 26 years. In this video he criticizes Merkel’s reckless open border migration policy as well as highlights at least one law was clearly broken. The sources for his information are here (in German).

Some highlights:

  • He notes Merkel, somewhat despotically, considered “morality before law” in her decision to not protect Germany’s borders.
  • There was no directive given by the Ministry of the Interior to open the country’s borders to migrants. Without this directive, the act of allowing migrants into the country without border control is illegal.
  • Family reunification is expected to usher another large migration of Syrians into Germany. Within a group of family members brought to Germany for reunification, only one person is counted as a refugee in official statistics. More on the reunification issue here.
  • Saudi Arabia has not taken any Syrian refugees themselves. (This is true. Saudi Arabia has not signed the UN Convention on Refugees therefore they are not obligated to accept people recognized by UNHCR as refugees. Last March Saudi Arabia provided Global News a handout that stated 2.5 million Syrians have taken refuge behind their borders. These people are not officially considered “refugees.”)
  • 80 per cent of refugees/migrants do not have identification papers.
  • The German government is shrouded by a wall of silence. People are afraid to speak up about the situation.
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