MEME MAGIC — A few great CNN “BREAKING NEWS” video game memes

Ever since CNN used a screen shot from Fallout 3 in a news story about Obama expelling Russian diplomats over hacking allegations, the internet has been conjuring meme magic at CNN’s expense using video game screen shots and sacrifices to Kek.

An image from the offending news segment. The green “hacker text” is from a screen shot of a computer terminal in Fallout 3.

Here are a few gems I found at /r/TheDonald.

A screen from Battlefield 1, a game that depicts WWI and not the Syrian war. Would CNN notice?

Did Mario warn the world about global warming? Maybe not. He did teach kids to steal coins and eat mushrooms, though.

An image from Ubisoft’s open-world “hacking” game Watch Dogs.

Putin launches nuclear warheads while Obama scrambles to shoot them down. He is being extra careful to protect blue states!

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