BREAKUP — Merkel’s CDU loses human rights spokeswoman Erika Steinbach over reckless migrant policy

Germany’s Christian Democrats Union has lost one of its senior conservative members over Chancellor Angel Merkel’s “open door” refugee policy.

73-year-old CDU human rights spokeswoman and MP Erika Steinbach told newspaper Welt Am Sonntag (German source) on Saturday that she has parted ways with the CDU.

Steinbach accused the German government of encouraging illegal immigration into Germany and claimed tolerance of illegal immigration was guided by “political will.”

“At the Federal Office for Migration, thousands of thousands of passports have been identified as counterfeit, without the legal consequences for the respective migrants being drawn. There is a political will behind it.”

In February 2016 Steinbach was criticized for a “xenophobic” picture she posted on Twitter that depicted the displacement of ethnic German people in Germany by foreigners from poorer countries. The image contained text that read “Germany 2030. Where are you from?” and depicted a small white child surrounded by people of much darker complexion leaning towards her.

Steinbach joined the CDU in 1974. Previously she had studied violin but abandoned her career in music. In 2000 Steinbach was elected president of the German Federation of Expellees, a non-profit organization representing the interests of Germans who fled their homes in central and eastern Europe after the Second World War.

Recently a TNS Emnid survey found that 44 per cent of its respondents believe migrants from Islamic countries have a negative impact on Germany’s security. Chancellor Merkel has come under heavy scrutiny for her migrant policies which have caused terrorist attacks, crime and murders in her country.

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  • Jeanne Geib

    Germany is NOW a prosperous nation. SJW want to give migrants the opportunity to share their wealth, which is a nice thought. What they are not considering is how they became a wealthy nation. As they bring in masses of uneducated and unskilled peoples their population will be diluted and the new people will not be assimilated or educated fast enough to maintain their culture, forcing Germany into the same third world culture from which these people came. EVERYBODY LOSES! And that does not even consider their barbaric religion.

    • It’s certainly crazy. Germany’s ruling gov’t either did not anticipate the problems (which is scary) or they didn’t care (just as scary.) The potential integration difficulties and the burden you put on your own citizenry, lack of education among the migrants in comparison to your own population, 80 per cent of migrants did not have any IDs (you can’t send ones without IDs back if the country they claim they are from wont accept them), ISIS and other jihadists threatening to travel among them, the political fallout of burdening other EU states, etc… Did at any time Merkel and company think they would be able to turn off the migrant flows? There are a lot of failing states below Europe. It’s a never ending source of desperate people.

      The whole thing is like throwing a party, putting out an invite to the bad parts of the neighborhood and wondering why your fridge is empty, the dog is dead and the television is gone the next morning.