A translator describes how useless the border is at stopping migrants heading from Turkey into Bulgaria

A visibly frustrated border translator explains in a facinating interview on Bulgaria’s bTV that Bulgaria’s border police are ill-equipped to deal with migrants who sneak into the country via Turkey. He describes the work of border police as being almost in vain as traffickers are “light years” ahead of them. He says border police lack the resources they need to do their job effectively.

A few interesting points made during the interview:

  • He describes the border fence as being a “scale model.”
  • Migrants will lean a ladder against the fence and in less than a minute thirty people will have crossed over it.
  • He spoke of an incident where a group of migrants abandoned a Somali woman during their trek and she froze to death.
  • By the time security cameras spot migrants and border police arrive to apprehend them the migrants are already gone.
  • Border patrol was given Jeeps but Jeeps cannot travel through some of the terrain migrants trek through by foot.

The whole interview is worth watching.

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