DAILY REPORT — South European cat ladies, racial profiling in Germany, and welfare cuts to terrorists

PROFILING POLL — A YouGov poll indicates 52 per cent of Germans are satisfied in the actions taken by German police on New Year’s Eve to prevent a repeat of Cologne’s New Year’s Eve 2015 molest-fest. German police have been accused of placing extra scrutiny on people who were North African or Middle Eastern in appearance during New Year’s Eve 2016 festivities.

The poll has also revealed the sharp difference of opinion between different generations of Germans, notably between those from 18 to 29 years and those aged 60 and older. The young people appear to have considerably lower tolerance to racial profiling, with only thirty-eight percent of them holding a favorable view of the operation against 63 percent among the 60-plus group.

SWEET CHILD O’ MINEFuture cat ladies are on the rise among southern Europe’s female population. A French study reports that over 20 per cent of south European women born in the 1970s may remain childless.

“Reliable contraception, delayed union formation and childbearing, greater family fragility, demanding careers and job instability, as well as general economic uncertainty, are likely to foster childlessness”.

Southern Europeans need not rely on their own bloodlines to replenish the stock, however. They can always be replaced by those unencumbered by the responsibilities of modern Western life…WELCOME REFUGEES! *wrings hands*

MIGRANTS KEPT INDOORS — The mayor of a Dutch town, Jos Heijmans, is under fire for telling African migrants to stay indoors on New Year’s Eve. The Union of Lawbreakers (not the name of a team of super villains, unfortunately) says Heijmans’ order was, in effect, an illegal restraint order. Heijmans claims he was only trying to protect his citizens against people who were unlikely to be granted asylum status and who had already gotten into trouble on previous excursions into the public.

DROP IN MIGRANT NUMBERS — Germany has experienced a 69 per cent reduction in the amount of migrants arriving to the country in 2016. “Just” 280 000 migrants arrived on the door step of the European country having a population of 80 million people. A couple of the reasons cited for the decrease in numbers: The closure of the Balkan migrant route and the $6.8 billion aid package gifted to Turkey to keep migrants on their side of the border.

NOT A HATE CRIME? — In 2014 Mohamad E., Ismail A, and Mohammad A. attacked a synagogue in Wuppertal, Germany with Molotov cocktails. A lower court declared the attack on the Jewish holy place a form of protest against Israel and not an anti-Semitic hate crime. A regional court re-affirmed the ruling Friday.

WELFARE CUTS — Denmark will cut unemployment benefits to people who leave the country to fight for ISIS.

More than 30 foreign fighters from the country are known to have continued to receive thousands of pounds worth of state unemployment benefit known as “kontanthjælp” in Syria and Iraq, with the revelations provoking outrage last month.

Cutting welfare to terrorists. How progressive!

MIGRANT RAPISTS SENTENCED IN SWEDEN — Two migrants have been sentenced to four years in prison for raping a 23-year-old woman in the basement of a hookah bar in Sweden. Both men are considered “stateless refugees” as they do not possess identification which prove their country of origin. Both convictions were made on DNA evidence found in the carpet of the basement where the rape took place.

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