BASED POLITICS — Hungarian analyst László Földi says the European migrant crisis is engineered by political and economic forces

It is no secret that many Americans voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election because they yearned to hear the kind of blunt honesty from their politicians that László Földi, Hungarian politician and analyst, provides in this interview. Földi’s is the kind of honesty that makes politicians in North America and Western Europe who speak in blunt terms about certain situations, like the migrant crisis, complete outliers in their ranks.

This interview with Hungary’s M1 TV raised several interesting points:

  • Both politicians and criminals seek to benefit from the migrant crisis; Politicians because they will receive new voters and criminals because they are directly making a profit form smuggling operations.
  • Economic forces also seek to benefit from the crisis; The migration crisis is a multi-billion euro business.
  • Migrants are not obeying the laws in Europe as they flee lawless war zones.
  • There are forces in Europe that seek to transform the continent through mass immigration by watering down Europe’s nation states. The smugglers are tools of these forces.
  • Any institution that aids the migrant crisis and threatens EU security, including civilian organisations, should be dismantled.

It has been my personal opinion for a long time that one of the primary reasons why mass immigration from the Mid-East and Africa to The West is welcomed by so many Western politicians is to import easy votes. Why would a politician work hard for the vote of a Westerner when he can import people who are often destitute and less educated (by Western standards), cater to those voters, and use them to tug on the heart strings of liberal types who blindly believe in multiculturalism out of their own altruistic tendencies? Why work so hard to gain the respect of a Westerner voter — often someone who is educated, holds Western values, has a higher standard of living and is critical of how their governments operate, when you can work with a blank slate from the third world?

It is a race to the bottom.

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