OH CANADA — Muslim man in Toronto argues that child marriage is OK, Sharia supersedes Canadian law

A Muslim guy on the streets of Toronto explains that slapping someone in Canada who insults Islam is no big deal because there are places in the world where you would normally be killed for it. He also says Canadian law means nothing, Sharia Law reigns supreme, and pedophilia is acceptable because the Prophet Muhammad had a child bride named Aisha.

The man is surrounded by pals who seem to agree with him. These guys seem adamant that there is “one version of Islam.” The case they make for their religion here is not one many Canadians would consider acceptable, however.

Well, not yet anyway. Give Canada’s multi-cultural and diversity policies a few more decades to work their magic…

If this video is taken down by the YouTube diversity police there is another copy here: https://www.facebook.com/iranianchristianfellowship/videos/1025889590873100/

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  • In seven days the rules all change. If you still think in terms of Sharia after January 20th, you are Phucked. Run for cover dudes.

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    It doesn’t matter what this creep or his m00slime minions believes his 4ss is going to prison if he fornicates w/ a child. If he wants to screw kids he needs to move to one of his m00slime majority cesspools.

  • Veiled_In_Dance

    Well that’s just gross. If they think that raping children and attacking people who criticize Islam is the way to go, why the hell are they here? They should go back to whatever delightful country they came from. Here in the civilized world, we understand that raping little girls is wrong even if you pretend they’re adults while you do it, and we think that criticizing religion is valuable because of free speech. These are our values as Canadians. If people want to move here and adopt our values, follow our laws, great! But they shouldn’t be allowed to stay if they’re going to say “screw Canadian laws” and insist that we follow their stupid religion instead. They’re going to do to us what is being done all across Europe…spawn social chaos and racial bitterness.

    • The Modern News Man

      Yeah. One of the worst things we have done, I think, as a country (and this is true of many of the Western democracies) is we adopted multiculturalism so fiercely we undermined our own ability to assert our own culture and values on anyone who is brought into our society. We cannot even look at guys like this and discriminate against his beliefs without triggering a backlash (until they do something so extreme no decent person would ignore it.) It is like the “Canadian values” public debate we had a few months ago. We had people say, “Well, what are Canadian values? Who defines them?” Twenty years ago it wasn’t really up for discussion. We all knew what Canadian values were. Now we have new sets of values and morals being thrown into the mix and while trying to sort them out we have conflicts like the one in this video. It is probably just a taste of the future of this country.

      • Veiled_In_Dance

        I think you’re completely right. Multiculturalism isn’t a bad thing in and of itself; I mean, Canada and the US have always been multicultural in the sense that people from many countries and cultures have come here to start a new life. But this modern-day push to hang our heads and act like our white culture is bad and inferior, to never question someone else’s culture or religion because that makes you a bigot, and to turn a blind eye to people like this delightful individual because of some misguided “noble savage” attitude is scaring the crap out of me. What is going to happen to our country? What will happen to our values?