THE PLOT THICKENS — Trudeau family brought fellow party members with them on holiday at Imam’s private island

It is starting to feel like a messed-up Canadian version of Home Alone. Except, this time, instead of Kevin being left home during Christmas vacation, it is everyone outside of the Liberal party who was left behind from the Trudeau’s high-class trip!

The Trudeau family raised eyebrows last week when it was confirmed they vacationed on a private island in the Bahamas for the holidays owned by an incredibly wealthy Imam named Aga Khan, who is also a federal lobbyist, causing a potential clash with conflict-of-interest laws in Canada. Now it has been learned that the Trudeau’s took fellow Liberal party members with them.

Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan and his husband, as well as party president Anna Gainey and her husband, joined the Trudeau’s at the swanky island retreat.

By way of The National Post:

Trudeau, for his part, declined Tuesday to confirm O’Regan’s attendance and would not say if any other MPs or other public office holders were with him for his holiday.

Well, we already know there was at least one other Liberal party member with him and his family on the island.

Later, Canada’s Ministry of Truth (ahem) confirmed O’Reagan’s participation in the questionable trip.

Trudeau’s office subsequently confirmed O’Regan’s and Gainey’s participation in the Bahamas trip. Kate Purchase, Trudeau’s chief spokesperson, said no other public office holders were on the trip.

Did anyone check their luggage? Stephen Dion might have been there, too, hiding under some of Trudeau’s pink sweaters.

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