AFDI UNDERCOVER — Journalist records US immigration officer saying fake passports are not a game breaker

Pamelea Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has released an undercover video showing a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) official explain to an undercover journalist that it is permissible for illegal immigrants to enter the US with fake passports and remain there.

In the video the journalist explains that she represents five Syrians who arrived to the US with fake passports and who were too afraid to represent themselves at the USCIS office.

You would think immigrants with fake passports would be ejected from the country faster than BUZZFEED fact-checking a story about Donald Trump hiring Russian hookers to piss on each other before running it. Think again.

While not a huge revelation, the incident details the sloppy process the USCIS takes in handling immigrants with fake documents. Tragically, immigrants with fake documents has lead to bloodshed and turmoil in Western countries before. The threat of terrorists emigrating to Western countries with phony passports, posing as refugees, is not expected to let up anytime soon.

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