Daily Report — Failing grades, Muslim integration woes and forbidden swimming lessons

FAILING GRADE FOR ISLAMIC ALL BOYS SCHOOL — An Islamic all boys school in East London has come under fire for having a CCTV camera in the boys bathroom, possessing a book that taught boys inappropriate views on girls, and various health and safety hazards. Interviews with the school’s students revealed some students were unable to name the UK prime minister when shown a picture of her.

INTEGRATION WOES — Czech President Milos Zeman said in a television interview Sunday that Muslims do not integrate well into European society and he warned against the strengthening of his own country’s Muslim community.

SWIMMING LESSONS — Two Swiss nationals of Turkish origin have lost their case against Switzerland at the European Court of Human Rights to forbid their teenage daughters from attending mandatory school swimming lessons for religious reasons. The court ruled in Switzerland’s favor, recognizing the role that schools have in integrating pupils into society.

A MIGRANT ROUTE RUNS THROUGH IT — A previously unknown migrant route has been uncovered in Lithuania.

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