Nurse savagely attacked in a Hamburg park by foreigners

A 28-year-old female nurse was attacked in Hamburg, Germany by five men who lured her into Lohmühlenpark park with false cries for help.

The woman had been walking past Lohmühlenpark park near Asklepios-Klinik St. Georg hospital around 9:45 AM. When she heard the cries she went to investigate.

She did not find anyone in need of aid however. She only found trouble. Five men of “African” appearance, who did not speak in German, ambushed the woman and knocked her unconscious.

Four of the men were between 20 and 30 years old. The fifth man was older, around age 40. He had “bright spots” on his cheeks.

Police say the woman showed no signs of sexual assault by the men although according to the German newspaper Bild her clothes were ripped. Police are asking for the public’s help (German source) to find the perps.

Hopefully, if the sonsofbitches are found, they will be jailed then exported out of the country immediately on release (at the very least.)

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