LILY ALLEN TRIGGERED — Pop star threatens to sue former EDL leader for “virtue signaling” claim

Overly empathetic and probably slightly-unhinged pop star Lily Allen has threatened legal action against EDL co-founder and former EDL leader Tommy Robinson for referring to Allen as a “fucking idiot” and accusing her of “virtue signaling” in a tweet. In a preceeding twitter jab Robinson pointed out the self-professed migrant and refugee-lover Allen had not welcomed any refugees to live with her in her own home.

The drama unfolded after Allen claimed on Twitter it was “racist” when a news article mentioned in its headline that the perpetrator of the New Years Nightclub attack in Turkey was a “migrant”.

The testy conversation comes only days after Allen was BTFOed by journalist Rita Panahi after Allen accused her of being paid by News Corp. to promote “xenophobia.” Panahi responded to Allen via Twitter that she, herself, was a migrant who escaped an Islamist country. She also called Allen a “dumb arseclown.”

Allen’s charge of “racism” seems particularly odd considering she also blamed “white males” via Twitter for threatening people’s values and communities. A charge, itself, that could be construed as being racist.

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