TRUMP GIRLS — A few of the hottest women on Twitter who have professed their support for President Trump

It is no secret President Trump has the largest support base of proud and beautiful women in his court. Across the land, beautiful women have shown their allegiance to the world’s greatest alpha by uploading sexy pictures of themselves to Twitter. Here are some of my hand-picked favorites.

(Also, these ladies will help you forget about Meryl Streep’s awful speech at the Golden Globes broadcast last night. NASTY WOMAN!)

I am dazzled by the stars!

Well howdy pretty lady…

Three beautiful patriots. The mosquitoes at this lake are probably less agitating than the buzzing Clinton supporters in Hollywood.

Pretty blondes, red hats. God works in mysterious ways…

It took me a while to find the Trump-Pence sticker in the photo on the left. I was distracted.

“Babes for Trump” is right!

Those stars and stripes, the red and the blue…They are a sight to behold! Each day I am thankful I am not colorblind.

The same girl, Audra LaRay, is showing off a bullet burn on her chest. I say, it is hardly a blemish on her!

Red head, red hat. I’m seeing red and I love it!

Ivanka, Daddy’s girl!

I gotta get myself a pool!

I don’t know if the girl holding the flag is a Trump supporter. I don’t see her wearing any Trump apparel and there is no Trump-Pence in sight. But she has all the typical characteristics of a female Trump supporter: HOT AS BALLS!

Nice Trump rump!

A beautiful Trump babe in a bikini showing her support for the wall.

That hat is huge!

Mamma mia…

That’s enough for now. If you liked these, let me know. I’ll scour Twitter for more hot Trump girls sometime and post a follow-up. There’s certainly no shortage of them!

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